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Welcome to the transformative teaching programs offered by Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, where knowledge meets inspiration and spiritual growth becomes a profound journey. Driven by a commitment to excellence in theological education and pastoral development, Rev. Dr. Bronner presents a diverse range of programs designed to empower individuals with the tools, wisdom, and spiritual insight needed for effective ministry and personal enrichment. From dynamic masterclasses delving into the intricacies of preaching and hermeneutics to mentorship programs tailored for senior pastors and leaders, each offering reflects Rev. Dr. Bronner's passion for equipping individuals with the skills and understanding necessary to navigate the challenges of ministry with confidence and purpose.​



Shepherds Connection is an inspiring mentorship program designed for Senior Pastors and Leaders, founded and led by the esteemed Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner. This transformative initiative aims to provide a supportive and enriching environment for spiritual leaders seeking to enhance their pastoral skills, leadership capabilities, and overall ministry effectiveness. Rev. Dr. Bronner, with his wealth of experience and profound insights gained from years of dedicated service, curates a program that fosters personal and professional growth. Shepherds Connection offers a unique blend of mentorship, coaching, and community, creating a space where leaders can connect, learn, and be inspired. Participants in the Shepherds Connection program can expect personalized guidance from Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, drawing from his extensive knowledge of theology, pastoral ministry, and effective leadership strategies. The program covers a diverse range of topics, including strategic visioning, congregational engagement, pastoral care, and effective preaching. Beyond individual mentorship, Shepherds Connection cultivates a vibrant community of like-minded leaders, facilitating peer-to-peer support and collaboration. The program recognizes the importance of building strong networks within the ministry, encouraging participants to share experiences, exchange ideas, and uplift one another in their respective journeys. Shepherds Connection stands as a beacon of empowerment for Senior Pastors and Leaders, providing them with the tools, wisdom, and encouragement needed to navigate the challenges of pastoral ministry successfully. Under the guidance of Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, this program serves as a transformative force, equipping spiritual leaders to lead with purpose, integrity, and unwavering faith.

Shepherd's Connection

mentorship program

Homiletics 101, a transformative 6-week masterclass led by the revered Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, offers an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring and seasoned preachers alike to delve deep into the art and science of effective preaching. Drawing on decades of preaching experience, Rev. Dr. Bronner crafts an engaging and comprehensive curriculum that covers the essentials of homiletics with a unique blend of theological depth and practical application. Throughout the masterclass, participants will be guided through a structured journey of honing their preaching skills, mastering the nuances of sermon construction, and cultivating a dynamic and impactful preaching style. Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, known for his powerful and eloquent sermons, shares personal insights, practical tips, and proven techniques to help participants elevate their preaching to new heights. Homiletics 101 is not just a theoretical exploration; it is a hands-on experience where participants have the opportunity to craft and deliver their own sermons, receiving constructive feedback from both Rev. Dr. Bronner and their peers. The masterclass also explores the spiritual and ethical dimensions of preaching, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, connection, and spiritual authority in delivering a transformative message. This 6-week journey with Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner promises to be a catalyst for growth, empowering participants to communicate the timeless truths of the Gospel with clarity, passion, and relevance. Whether you are a novice eager to develop foundational preaching skills or a seasoned preacher looking to refine your craft, Homiletics 101 provides a dynamic and enriching learning experience under the guidance of a distinguished mentor in the field of preaching.

Homiletics 101


Hermeneutics 101, a comprehensive 6-week masterclass led by the esteemed Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, invites participants on a transformative journey into the art and science of biblical interpretation. This in-depth program is designed for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of scripture and enhance their ability to extract profound meaning from the sacred texts. Throughout the masterclass, Rev. Dr. Bronner, a seasoned theologian and respected scholar, guides participants through the foundational principles of hermeneutics with a blend of academic rigor and practical application. The curriculum covers essential topics such as historical context, literary analysis, cultural considerations, and the development of sound exegetical practices. Hermeneutics 101 is not merely an intellectual exploration; it is a hands-on experience where participants engage in practical exercises to apply hermeneutical principles to various biblical passages. Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, known for his scholarly approach and spiritual insight, provides personalized guidance to help participants navigate the complexities of interpreting scripture with both depth and relevance. By the end of the 6-week masterclass, participants will emerge equipped with a solid foundation in hermeneutics, enabling them to approach the Bible with a nuanced understanding and a profound appreciation for its timeless truths. Whether you are a seminary student, pastor, or a layperson eager to deepen your biblical knowledge, Hermeneutics 101 offers a unique opportunity to learn from a distinguished scholar and practitioner in the field of biblical interpretation.

Hermeneutics 101


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